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The Official California Driver's Ed Course

Only $24.99 and includes everything – Teens receive:

TEENS - It's Easy! Get your Drivers Ed Certificate

Complete our DMV Approved California Driver’s Ed Course, pass our Test and receive your official DMV Certificate of Completion shipped by US mail. Take this certificate to the DMV, pass their written test and receive your Driving Permit.

Why wait? – no risk – $24.99

What You'll Learn and How the Course Works

You’ll learn everything you need to qualify to take the written test required to obtain your Driver’s permit in California. You’ll study 11 lessons in an easy to read and understand format. At the end of each section, you’ll take a quiz before you advance to the next section. You’ll also have unlimited tests, so you don’t have to worry about passing the first time. Self-paced learning helps you to learn at your speed on your own time. Listed below is a sampling of the topics that you’ll learn about with our course and that are required to obtain your driver’s permit:

What You'll Receive for Completing the Course

Once you’ve successfully finished your lessons, you’ll receive a certificate of completion for completing our state-certified course online. We also offer downloadable guides for parents and teen drivers and the California driving handbook for your convenience. A link to the DMV Practice Tests are also provided, so you’ll be ready to pass your test the first time when you’re ready.

Rules of the Road for Teen Drivers to Remember

Driving is a big responsibility, and it’s one that can be taken away if you’re not careful or following traffic laws. The rules of the road are established, so everyone is on the same page and understands how things like traffic signals, road signs, and four-way stops work. Following the rules of the road at all times will keep you much safer and able to respond to situations in time to avoid preventable accidents from happening.

For example, the following types of road junctions exist, and you’ll need to know how to handle each of them:

  • A standard intersection
  • A roundabout
  • A three-way junction
  • An uncontrolled intersection

You’ll also have to know how to read and interpret road safety signs and be able to follow their instructions. Some examples you’ll encounter on a regular basis include the following:

  • Traffic calming signals and signs
  • Speed limit signs and reduced speed limit signs
  • DUI checkpoint signs
  • Yield signs, merge signs, stop signs and more

When you have your driving permit and you are ready to get behind the wheel contact Drivers Training Academy

With us you get Fast Online Drivers Ed for your DMV California Learners Permit. Your DMV Drivers Ed Certificate of Completion is mailed at no extra cost. This DMV Certificate of Completion is required before you take your California learners permit test at the DMV. We are one of the original and largest California online driver education courses. Sign up for our online drivers Ed classes and begin immediately.

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