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Placer County

The Official California Driver's Ed Course

Only $24.99 and includes everything – Teens receive:

TEENS - It's Easy! Get your Drivers Ed Certificate

Complete our DMV Approved California Driver’s Ed Course, pass our Test and receive your official DMV Certificate of Completion shipped by US mail. Take this certificate to the DMV, pass their written test and receive your Driving Permit.

Why wait? – no risk – $24.99

Are you a high school student who is ready to get your drivers license? We offer online drivers education that has been approved by the California DMV.

You can take our permit test course information in the privacy of your own home, and at your own pace.

Our course works because we arm you with all of the knowledge you need to be a safe driver. The rules of the road can be tricky in California, but when once you learn them, then passing your driver education test to obtain your provisional license will be easy. We encourage you to take your time while learning about the rules of the road, defensive driving and the safety features of your car. You can also take our permit test as many times as you need to with no extra charge.

Need a Driving School?

The right drivers Ed course and preparation can help ensure that you’ll pass your DMV permit test the first time, and then you’ll be ready to practice your driving skills.

The professional driving instructors at A-Western will give you tips about how to drive with confidence while our course teaches you all the rules of the road, so you’ll obtain your drivers license in no time

When you have your driving permit and you are ready to get behind the wheel contact Drivers Training Academy

With us you get Fast Online Drivers Ed for your DMV California Learners Permit. Your DMV Drivers Ed Certificate of Completion is mailed at no extra cost. This DMV Certificate of Completion is required before you take your California learners permit test at the DMV. We are one of the original and largest California online driver education courses. Sign up for our online drivers Ed classes and begin immediately.

After you get your California Driving Permit call 1 (510) 862-8857 to reserve your spot, spaces can fill quickly.